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Challenge: Finding Your Voice as a Parent

Let’s talk about caregiver burnout

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Let’s talk burnout.

Caregiver and parental burnout.

Being with our children 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week isn’t normal.

I need y’all to start normalizing breaks for parents.

Imagine going to your work and just as an example, you’re a mechanic. Everyday you get to work and the same vehicle pulls up, same customer, and they need the same exact part fixed. Every single day. It would become monotonous and exhausting.

That’s what parents who are with their kids every single moment do.

Now, let’s add in a pandemic so the chances of a break are zero.

You are alone, isolated with your kids doing the same thing everyday.

And for more of an idea, we’ll go ahead and add in a disabled child. There isn’t anyone willing to care for them but you.

Some of these special needs children have extreme behaviors, needs that other kids don’t have. You are considered a caregiver and a parent.

This exhausting can drop you to your knees.

So let’s normalize a parent getting out for a few hours, going on a getaway with friends, going shopping alone, sitting in a parking lot alone with a coffee while your child is in therapy.

Anything you can do to find yourself in this shell of a person you once where. FIND IT.

We’ve been dealt a hand that’s unimaginable and then a global pandemic on top of it where our kids aren’t in school, routines change in a second.

We need find ourselves. And right now, I’ll spend my self care reflecting in my vehicle alone for 45 minutes with my overly priced coffee enjoying the sun.

Find yourself. You deserve it.

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