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Challenge: Back to School

Capture the Firsts With Your First

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These are the beginning of her school days and you should save everything, not just the projects but the moments. Record them in your mind and digitally. She will lose a first tooth, learn to tie shoes, and put words she reads into clusters that will form sentences. Remember her first friend, first win, and even her first fail. Capture them all because even if you have more kids, you will only have these firsts with this kid—who is your first.

Here are a few firsts to snap, write and capture because someday you will want to step back and return to these moments.

  • Her first school friend: This friendship could potentially last her a lifetime and even if it doesn't, it will remain an important one because this friend will go through her school firsts right alongside her. Who knows, in fifteen years, the two of them could come home from a college break and stumble upon photos of their early days.

  • Her first major accomplishment: This could be learning to tie shoes or write her name. Take a video of her reliving the moment because in the future, when she struggles, you can show her this and she'll see just how amazing she was, and is. One day she may even share the moment with her own daughter or son and you could look on knowing you played a part in bringing those two lives into the world.

  • Her first lost tooth: This could actually happen in first grade, or second but make sure to take a picture of the toothless girl holding her pearly white. Buy her a tooth pillow for the tooth fairy and look on in wonder as she shows you her first ‘gifts’ from her nighttime visitor.

  • Her first disappointment: This could be something as simple as getting reprimanded by her teacher or fighting with a friend. There is no need to take a picture or write this down, but keep it in the back of your mind because in the future when a tough moment comes along, you will be there to remind her of how she conquered the first one and how she will make it through this one too.
  • Her first school concert/event, etc.: Break out the phone or camera and make sure to capture a bit of the group as a whole, as well as her individual contribution. Videos are amazing because they will allow her to recall not only the way she looked, but the sound of her voice and her mannerisms. She really will get a glimpse of who she was in kindergarten.

These moments are precious and fleeting, but if you capture them you will have a reminder of all the school firsts. Someday, as you take a trip down memory lane, you and your child will be grateful!

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