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Challenge: Back to School 2020

Captain's Log: E-learning, DAY ONE

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So the e-learning day itself wasn't hard to survive, but perusing my Facebook news was.

All I saw,

all that was circulating,

was 'Back to School' photos of kids resuming at their brick and mortar.

No judgment here.


I feel like the state of our society demands that I make that clear.

If anything, there's a slight pang of jealousy.

That your kids get to learn from their teachers in person.

That your kids get to see their friends in person.

That they get PE and specials alongside others.

That their mama is not up their biscuit, reminding them to stay focused and that they aren't up hers complaining they are tired or bored and whining about having to do work from home.

It's hard to be a parent during this pandemic and make all the tough decisions regarding our kids' education and health.

It's tough to make those decisions when your options are limited.

It's not much easier to make them when your options are a bit more expansive.

I can stay home with my kids, so I am.

By removing them from their physical classroom, I believe I am opening a small space in that room, which will hopefully benefit my children's classmates who have returned and their teacher.

One less kid who could possibly be an asymptomatic carrier and one less desk needed, which hopefully lessens any overcrowding.

One less sneezer.

One less nosepicker.

One less cougher.

But I see those pictures of your kids, arm in arm with their friends, and I'm sad for my children.

Here at home, I'm stuck wondering if they are

missing out on community

or helping theirs out.

And that's not to say that any kid who returned today or the parent that sent them isn't doing that.

Teachers need jobs, and schools need teachers.

Teachers need students, and very many students need real classrooms.

Parents need to work, and for lots, there is no way to do so with their child (or children) at home.

I have nowhere to go with this rambling other than to a place of wanting every parent on this planet to know that however your kids are learning this year and wherever they are doing it from,

you have made the right decision --

a hard one, for damn sure;

one you may continue to question and feel anxiety over for God knows how long,

or one you may remain confident in.

Regardless, it's the right one for YOUR family;

that is what matters,

and it's brave as hell.

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