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Challenge: Walking the Talk

But what if you do?

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What if you have it?

You feel fine. Not an ounce of sickness in you.

But, what if you have it?

You hug your elderly Mom, you shake your neighbor’s hand, you go grocery shopping.

But, what if you have it?

You go out to dinner, you see a movie, you take your kids to the park, you go to the gym to workout.

You feel fine, why not?

You aren’t old, so who cares?

Your kids can’t get it, so why keep them from school?

But what if you have it?

Social distancing isn’t for the elderly. Social distancing isn’t for the sick. Social distancing isn’t for the weak. Social distancing is for everyone.

We don’t know if we have it. We don’t know if we are going to get it tomorrow or the next day, or 10 days from now or not at all.

Social distancing can save lives. Why? Because it keeps your germs in one place. It will save your parents, your friends, your neighbors and strangers from getting it.

Stop ignoring it. Stop feeling immune because you aren’t old or currently sick. Stop being careless because you think your small kids can’t get it.

The entire world is begging you to take it seriously. The US government is begging you to stop, slow down and stay home.

Is it going to take an outbreak in your own home to listen? Let’s not let it get to that point. Stay at home. Enjoy your family. Listen to our medical experts.

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