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But What About Those Who Can't Take Meds for Mental Health?

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But what about those who can't take meds for mental health?

I love the world we live in today. It has never been more empowering and supportive of people dealing with real life issues. We don't remain silent anymore and we don't have to feel shame about mental health. I love seeing women share about their struggle and breaking the stigmas behind taking medicine. However, it doesn't provide answers for those of us who can't take an anti-anxiety meds and who choose not to take anti-depression pills. It can actually cause us to feel a little more defeated- as if medication is the only help for mental health struggles. (I know this isn't true. And I know those who are sharing about finding answers in medication are in NO way intending to make others feel like medication is the only way. And this is NO way putting others down who are okay to take the medicines.)

For example, a woman who has struggled with addiction and overcome that struggle does not want to risk becoming dependent again and so her mental health suffers. Is she just supposed to suffer with no answers?

Another example, women who have tried anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds but it makes their mental health worse, are there other alternatives? Or is she just left without a promise of better mental health since medicine didn't work for her?

I don't have the answers. I am looking for them. I DO know there is a promise of peace in Jesus. I DO know there is a promise of HOPE in Jesus. But I DO know that medicine can be an answer to physical brain chemistry makeup even for those in Jesus. But I don't have the right answer for those who cannot take medicines.

I have personally struggled with this. And I want you to know if you are in this position too, you're not alone. Risking addiction is NOT worth it. Risking dependency is NOT worth it. Risking worse side effects is NOT worth it.

We can start finding answers together, right here, by talking about it and raising an awareness that hasn't been raised yet.

We're in this together. We don't have to suffer in silence. We shouldn't have to suffer at all. We will find a way.


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