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Building Model Planes

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Our most recent hobby with my son is building radio-controlled model planes. I have wanted to do this with him for a while now, but I wanted to wait it out until he is also interested. I did not want to push it since plane modeling is almost not a hobby, but a way of life. Once the plane is ready, its flying requires a lot of space, and therefore usually they are flown on smaller airports. There are many skills required, like radio discipline, which is essential for the various remote controls and aviation safety. However, the most fun part is the building of the plane itself.

For the first week or two, our kitchen table was covered in little building elements of the plane, plastic bearings, instant glue, screws and so on. But little by little, our first little plane came together. I can tell you; there is nothing more rewarding than that. We spend a spectacular afternoon on a field close by our home, flying the plane through hoops once we got the hang of it. Seeing my son's happy face made it totally worth it!

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