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Breathe, this isn’t the end.

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We’re all learning how to navigate loss. Yes, all of us in one way or another. Maybe it’s the loss of your need to be in control. As a nation we’ve started expecting the unexpected to happen. Maybe it’s the loss of the fear that comes with not feeling like you have what it takes to thrive in a position you’ve never been in. Maybe it’s the loss of a person you never even considered wouldn’t always be there.

This month God took the angel that He lent to me as my brother back. We were so close that I couldn’t escape the daily reminders of the tragedy. The tragedy of losing someone I loved immensely, suddenly. My only brother, my life long friend & goal pursuing hype man.


As the words escaped the Doctor’s lips, someone might as well had blown a hole through my chest with a double barrel shot gun. The loss of balance, blurred vision, lack of oxygen, the beats to my heart stopped, I felt out of body, I saw the chaplains mouth moving, but nothing registered mentally, this pain was suffocating me & I was falling fast. Then gripping my face with her mouth to my ear, “breatHE” “breATHE” “BREATHE BABY” the chaplain said. She wanted me to focus on her voice, because at that moment my entire life had been knocked out of focus.

When life uproots you from your core and shatters the lens that you were viewing life through, focus on His voice. He will breathe into you the breath of life. Your “new norm” may make you uncomfortable, it may bring you unimaginable heartache, it may reveal things in you that you didn’t know were there, but what I’m sure that it does is make you stronger and more effective moving forward.

BREATHE, you may not know how you’re going to live through your now, but you will. You may not know how you’re going to make your brokenness beautiful, but you will...and you won’t have to do it alone. God is always, always, always there.

-Love Always, Teaira

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