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Breathe, mama. Breathe

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Let the wind blow through you and cleanse all of your troubles.

Feel it swirl around you offering up a peace only you can understand.
Offer up to the wind your guilt, your self- doubt, your fears and anxiety.
Offer up to the wind the one who questions everything.
Offer up the times with the kids where you lost your cool, said harsh words and were less than patient.
Feel the swirling air hold you tight, as it hugs you, kissing your face and letting you know all will be okay.

Breathe, mama.

As the wind keeps swirling and you keep moving forward, now allow the breeze to fill your lungs up with hope, love, desire and new goals.

Let go of the old.
Take hold of your dreams.
Take hold of your fears and deepest desires.

See the good.
Your mistakes don’t define you.

See the love.
Your children laughing and gazing at you is proof of your success.

See the joy.
Their smiles around tell a part of your story.

See the hope.
Your children growing up and navigating this world is breathtaking.

Soak it all in, mama.

Yes, the wind keeps swirling and time keeps moving forward at a rapid pace but so have you.
Don’t hold on too tight, it will only hold you back.

Soak it all in, mama.

Allow the wind to hold you, as you continue to inhale, and breathe new life into this big world while offering up and cleansing the old.

Soak it all in, mama.

Breathe, mama.

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