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Blessed Is She

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Blessed is She.

Let go, and let God.

Have you ever thought about how hard it actually is to “let go, and let God”?. I am sure we have heard it a million times, “this is bigger than you” “god has a plan” “trust his timing”. Lately I have to frequently remind myself that he, in fact does have a plan. I remind myself because it is TRUE. It is also very true, that the hardest thing to trust, is God’s plan. To trust God’s timing. What even is that?! In a world full of GO GO GO, you just expect me to sit patiently and wait?. We urge each other to get out there and make things happen. Set your goals, and crush them. We are genuinely wired to believe that our lives and our plans, are in our own hands. That you take no breaks. If you want something, you work for it and you GO GET IT. You do all of this work and say all of these prayers, you sit in a pew first thing every Sunday morning, and someone else still beat you to the finish line.

Well that is disappointing isn’t it? When something you’ve worked so hard for doesn’t come. When your prayers go unanswered. When you lose someone you love so much. How can THIS be his plan for us? Why would something that hurts so bad, be a part of his plan? Well, your plans won’t compare to what he has for you. Maybe you didn't get what you wanted. Are you devastated and mad at God for not answering that prayer? Or are you relieved when the bigger picture is shown to you, HIS picture where you’ve found everything you never knew you needed. Maybe you even find out that everything that you T H O U G H T you wanted so badly, was never even what your heart desired?

It’s hard to understand. It is d e v a s t a t i n g sometimes. What can we do? Trust him. Trust the timing. Feel what we feel, and look to his words for comfort. When you have worked so hard for something and you don’t get it, or you have prayed so hard for answers and you don’t get them. T R Y to be thankful fo the journey. Remember T H I S feeling. Remember the hard stuff. Remember, so when your day comes, you can look back as tell yourself “this is why”. We are so busy living our lives on the go, that every day things are happening that we once thought would never happen, or that are a product of something that didn’t work before. We don’t even realize that god is continuously providing these things for us.

You don’t have to be in a pew first thing every Sunday morning to be given his grace. You don’t have to read every word of the Bible to be loved by him. You do not have to look perfect or be perfect, because he made you Y O U, he forgives you, and he loves you for the hot mess that you are.

Isn’t it funny how uncomplicated that sounds? Because it ISN’T complicated. I personally always thought that having a relationship with God had to be this big public display of my beliefs. I didn’t go to church, so he just wasn’t my guy. Thats not true! He is just as much yours, as you are his. All you have to do is trust in him. He does the rest.


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