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Challenge: Happy Birthday!

Birthdays! A time to reflect, be thankful and push the 're-set' button

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If you have young children, how many times has somebody with older kids told you to “enjoy it, because time goes by so fast!”? You know they’re right, but sometimes in the moment — it’s just so hectic you can’t think, and you’re ready for a break! We’ve all been there.


Well ... birthdays are certainly a good time to push the “re-set” button and remember what’s important. I’ll be honest, in addition to celebrating my little ones’ milestones, I personally use my kids' birthdays as a chance to see if I can be better than I was the year before. I know that there will be pictures, and I think to myself, “I want to look healthy and rested in the pictures!” I don’t want to look back at the pictures years later and say, “Ooo — I looked so rough!” Ha!


Granted, some years are better than others. I just noticed, when my twins turned 1 — I’m not in any photos! I don’t even remember if I showered that year. (I’m kidding of course ... kind of.) I also don’t want to be so busy planning and rushing around that I “miss” just having fun myself, and enjoying the moment.


So when the time comes for you to plan that next birthday party — here’s to your little one, of course, and to YOU! Try reflecting on the beauty of childhood, be thankful for what your little ones add to your life, and push yourself to look great in those pictures! :-)

I enjoyed looking back at these photos. My ... how time flies! It is true, isn’t it?

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