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Best Online Free Courses for Students

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Online courses have saved everyone the cost and trouble of traveling miles away. You can learn from home now, all you have to do is click!

Nowadays, the market has become severely competitive. Whether it’s a new job you’re looking for online or posting an ad for recruitment, you will notice a compact pattern of competition. Even employer needs have changed and they look for a maximum number of skills in one employee. If you want to be on the top of your trade and receive calls from anywhere you apply to, make sure you are investing your free time into enhancing your skills and improving your mental strength.


The ideal way to go about it is to go for free online courses that would enable you to learn while you’re within the comforts of your home without having to spend hefty bucks. So here are the best online free courses for students that would give them something to learn about while also an additional skill:

  • Coursera- Coursera is a cost-free platform for struggling students to achieve online education in various different subjects. The website collaborates with over 60 international colleges and universities, internationally and allows students to avail online courses according to their own interest.
  • ALISON- Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online or ALISON claims to be the top leading platform when it comes to providing massive open online courses. Whether you’re looking for free, basic skills or paid, advanced skills, this website has it all.
  • EdX- A collaboration of Stanford and Harvard, EdX is a non-profit company that provides its students with a vast array of online courses that are interactive in nature.
  • Open Yale Courses- This Ivy League University provides a chance for under privileged students to learn in a way the more privileged ones do. The University’s official website offers some free, basic courses that allow thorough learning through online videos that can even be downloaded. At the end of each course, the website also uploads self-exams that analyze your current level of learning as well.
  • Udacity- This is a product of the partnership of two thoughtful and considerate professors from Stanford. Both of them developed a prototype for an online course on the website and when a lot of students enrolled themselves, they introduced over a 100 online courses with free classes. By the end of the courses, students are encouraged to appear in the examinations to attain their certificates as well.
  • Carnegie Mellon- the Carnegie Mellon University offers around 25 different online courses, mainly in niche subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology. Even for elementary classes, the University offers a thorough online course to learn Spanish from a very young age.
  • SyMynd- The website provides a stage for all the honorable Universities in the world to present their free, online courses in one place. From universities as big as New York University, Washington University and Stanford, you can now take online courses ranging from basic to advanced levels and even retain a certificate for yourself.

So if you are looking for ways to increase your credibility in the market, log onto one of the websites and boost your brain activity!

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