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Being a Good Uncle

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I am lucky enough to be a proud uncle two times over. As of today the boys are 20 months and 9 months old. In the first year you start to learn what you can do to be a good uncle.

In the first year these are helpful tips:

  • Assisting with diaper changing. Whether it's actually doing the dirty work or helping to assist in any way from picking up the baby to clearing the changing table area is always appreciated.
  • Helping your brother or sister to carry in groceries into their home while they undo the car seat and grab their child out of the car.
  • Occupying and entertaining while they are showering, cleaning, or doing adult things. I have learned to love disney again. Watching Mickey Mouse shows and keeping them occupied while their parents are away.
  • Buying helpful things while not spoiling your nieces and nephews. Clothes, toys, and necessities are nice but don't over do it by getting them an Xbox or computer before they can understand the value and appreciate what you give them.
  • When they cry I always try my best to get them to stop by interacting with them and letting them know that everything is going to be okay. Psychology plays a big role in this situation.
  • Most importantly is showing affection and care. They are part of your growing family now so be the best uncle you can be.


Remember birthdays and important events and be there when you can. Having great involvement and sharing the memories with your family is an important part of your family as you look back over the years.

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