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Challenge: Your Special Traditions

Before this quarantine my door was always open and my table was always set.

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This quarantine sure brought us together with our immediate family members, those under the same roof, but in some cases it tore us apart.

Most, if not all of us, have been pulled away from someone who means the world to us, someone, or people, who are part of our daily lives.

You see, before this quarantine, I was always the one who left my door open. Always ready to welcome everyone in.

I am the house with the best snacks and the savoury meals.

I am the house that always has anything you’re missing- you can literally grocery shop in my storage room.

I am the house that is always hosting. Holidays or not , we’re always gathered around good food with the best company.

I am the house you come to when you’re happy.

I am the house you come to when you’re sad.

I am the house you come to when you want to vent.

I am the house you come to when you want to celebrate.

I am the house you come to when you’re in a tough spot and need advice; you won’t be judged.

I am the house you come to if you need a problem solved; we’ll get through it together.

You can be yourself when you’re at my house- I am always myself.

At my house, you have the freedom to do what you want.

At my house, you are safe; you are loved.

I love everyone who walks through my door. I love them for as long as they need to be loved.

I provide a safe haven for whoever needs it.

I am the happy house. I want to remain this way.

I am the cheerful house. I want to remain this way.

I am the funny house. I want to remain this way.

I am the house where you’ll always, always, find a hot meal waiting-there will always be room for you at my table.

I want to always be this house that’s full of love and acceptance.

A house where you can leave your worries behind.

A house where you can take a load off your shoulders knowing that I will gladly carry it for you.

So you can see why my heart is broken now that my doors are locked and my table isn’t surrounded.

My heart hurts when I can’t see my siblings and cousins and my closest friends around me all the time.

It truly is the simplest things that have the greatest impact on us.

The simplest things in life that are utterly priceless.

Seeing the people you love gathered around you, that’s just precious. It’s incomparable.

My life feels incomplete without the ones I love most by my side, day by day.

So for that, I pray.

I pray I can once again open my doors and be that house.

The house that never turns anyone away.


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