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Challenge: Summer Fun

Beat the Summer Boredom, and heat.

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We are still new to this living in the desert business.

It. is. HOT.

We used to take walks to the corner playground before it got warm for the day. Now it is still hot at 8 p.m.

Here are five things we do when it is just too hot.

1. Make cold treats.
- Puree up that fruit that is going bad, add yogurt or juice, freeze. Sit in the shade and enjoy saving your groceries and cooling down.
2. Cooling Towels.
- Yep. Seriously you can do anything in the heat if you have a little source of cold. Also, this turns into a fun game of throwing on the ground or at other kids when wet, and you're a toddler.
3. Crafts, with a twist.
I am not a crafty mama. I try, and usually, could be featured in those Pinterest fail posts. Grab the finger paint and toss it in the freezer, while it's in there grab those Amazon Prime boxes you have sitting around and paper. Tape the paper to the box- now since I know your kiddos will interrupt you a bunch this should at least take 10-15 minutes to set up outside with fun random items you want to throw away anyway that are now "paint tools." Grab that chilled paint and HAVE AT IT. Also, that paint will dry fast outside. Save it. Use it to make cards and wrap those gifts you don't have any wrapping paper, and you will look like a Pinterest CHAMP. I may have just found this trick due to not having father's day gift wrapping options.. unintentionally- but I'm going to soak it up like I am a gold star mom today.
4. The pool.
I am that jiggy mom squeezed in a Red and White Polka dot one piece- chasing my kid from eating something off the ground and trying to jump into the big pool. I will also be forced to talk to people because my excited toddler greets EVERYONE and tries to befriend them, while my wallflower butt is awkwardly behind him. It's fun. I like to pretend I will never see those people again, but mostly I see them daily because of the heat and not much else to do in the middle of nowhere. Look at me being social and forcing myself in a bathing suit.
5. We stay in the Air Conditioning.
Seriously. I love to drain my son of Energy in the sun, but there is a time when the eggs can cook on the sidewalk? It's time to stay inside for a bit. The library should have a summer reading program, and I bet their AC cranked a little better than mine. I am cheap and use fans. I love inviting mamas over to drink coffee in our PJs and turn on a movie we will all ignore, and take turns pulling our kid off from climbing the baby gate blocking the TV.


We are so lucky to have this as our community pool, baby pool and splash pad are on the side not shown!

How do you stay cool and busy in the summer?

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