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Challenge: Cabin Fever

Beat Cabin Fever with Cheap and Free Ideas for Toddlers

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Well that was an oddly specific title, huh?

I take it you’re here because you’re tired of being stuck inside and need the inspiration of some cheap or free toddler activities for winter to get you up and out?

Mama, I got you.

I’ve been working hard to beef up my list of cheap and free toddler activities for winter because a big goal of mine for the new year is to stop hiding at home, face the fact that my twins are crazy and leave the house.

I’m not the only one with crazy toddlers. I shouldn’t be nervous to go out and about with them.

And they could honestly use the interaction just as much as I do.

While I was making this list up for you guys, I was also noting in my new planner all of my own activities for the twins and decided that Thursday’s will be our adventure day.

I can make a promise to myself to get out with the twins on that one day each week to do one of these cheap or free toddler activities noted down below.

Think you can do the same? Just one day a week?

I think we both can!

Read through my ideas, and then set a day for yourself where you think they might fall best!

Cheap or Free Toddler Activities to Beat Cabin Fever


1. Check the Library for Story Time and Activities

My favorites are the open play times my local library offers! tons of toys, you can meet new people, and let your littles run free. Only downside is that typically they are in the morning time, which sometimes I’m not feeling up for!

Local PDX Site:

Washington County Library Events

Moltnomah County Events

Clackamas County Events

2. Host a Playdate at your Local Indoor Playground

I have a lot of indoor playgrounds around! Instead of going by myself, I like to invite a friend or two with their kids. Then, just like the library, the kids can run free and I can chat with my friends. Some locations can get pretty spendy, but if they offer any sort of monthly or annual discount pass, take them up on it!

Local PDX favorites:

Playdate PDX

Munchkin land

Outdoors In

The Wiggle Room

& Play Boutique

3. Take a trip to the mountians (or beach)

Might not end up being the cheapest depending how far you are, but if you pack smart and don’t let yourself into local shops you could only pay for gas!

If you’re local, check out my post here with a few tips for taking your one year olds to the mountians!

4. Playdate Swap

A good way to get out of your hown house- go to someone elses. Super cheap and you don’t have to worry about your littles when you’re there! Take turns with your friends hosting the playdates.

5. Check your zoo for discount days

This is something I love doing! My local zoo offers a discount on the second Tuesday of the month so getting in is cheap!

6. Don’t forget about discount days at your local museums

A lot of museums offer the same kind of discount. Our local childrens museum offers $3 admission during select hours on the second sunday of each month. Search “museum discount days near me” in google to find some local deals for yourself!

7. Disney stores host free events, get on their list!

I have only heard of these; never attended. But click the link and see if there are any events near you!

Disney Store Locator

8. Michaels stores host free (or cheap) craft events over the weekend

They offer a variety of classes! I remember attending a few as a kid!

Click here for classes available

9. Home Depot also offers a free kids DIY classes (they also host some for moms and the whole family!)

Same with Michaels, Home Depot offers a variety of free classes! there are a few local to myself right now that I would also be interested in for a moms night out!

Click here for classes available

10. Find local Instagram and Facebook accounts for even more freebies!

Last tip for you guys is how to find more local events! I’m sure you use Facebook or Instagram. So start using them to find things near you! Whether it be through local mom groups, searching local hashtags (like #pdx for myself) or just browsing the “events near me” section on Facebook, you’re going to find some awesome cheap or free activities for toddlers to beat that cabin fever!

A local favorite of mine is @momwhatsnext on Instagram. She posts the BEST stuff!

Until next time, mamas!

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