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Challenge: Follow Your Dreams

Be true to YOU!

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” -Dr. Seuss

You were not made to hide or to be invisible, sweet girl. You were made to be true to yourself...and that you are. You have a fire within you at such a young age. You know what you want, know what you like, and are unapologetic when it comes to doing things your way.

When the “mean girls” at your school laughed at you for wanting to dress up like a bride, you held your head high and rocked that white dress. When they told you there’s no way you could slide down the slide in “that dress”, you proved them wrong. You never questioned your decisions or let their opinions get you down. Gosh, I hope you never lose that.

I hope you are always confident and comfortable doing what you want, and what you like to do. I hope you treat each ugly situation like you did today...By being true to YOU.

Throughout your life there will be people who try to make you feel bad about yourself. There will be people who try to bring you down. But I hope you don’t let them. I hope you look past them and see all the beauty in being happy with who you are.

Keep staying true to yourself and you will be just fine. Believe you can do anything and you will accomplish greatness. Keep a kind heart and you will help make the world a better place.

People who want to make you feel bad for being you, are not worth your time. But I think you already know that. I think you are wise beyond your years. I think you can, and probably will make a difference.

You like to be different, you like to stand out, and you like to prove others wrong. Hold on to that fire, sweet girl. Don’t ever let it go.

Because today more than ever we need people like you. We need people who look past the ugly and turn it into something beautiful.

You were born to stand out. You were born to fight for what you believe in. And you were born to be YOU.

I am watching you, and learning from you, and am so damn proud of you. 💖

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