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A letter to my little one: Be my baby a little while longer

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I put your bottles away for good today.

You really haven't needed them for a while, but I kept them up in the cabinet just in case you struggled and couldn't do with out them.


Actually, I knew you were done with them. It was me that wanted to keep them in the cabinet. The one who wanted you to need them a little while longer.

To need me a little bit more. To be my baby a little while longer.

But you're getting bigger, aren't you little one? Suddenly the nights aren't as long and my time with you seems oh so short.

Short and fast.

And that time is going just as fast as your little legs carry you swiftly down the halls. Those chubby legs move about a mile a minute. It's making those luscious little rolls of fat melt away. Oh, how I love to see you run, but I wish you would just slow down. To keep the rolls of squishiness.

And to be a my baby a little while longer.

But you're changing so much, aren't you my sweet? You don't cling to me for your every need, you aren't as helpless as you once were. And for as many days as I sighed and said, "I wish you didn't need me so much," all I wish now is that you might need me a little more than you did the day before.

For you to be my baby a little while longer.

But this is how it's supposed to go, isn't it sweetheart? For you to grow and change, learn and discover. And for me it is my heart breaking joy to lead you forward in love and be ready to catch you when you fall in grace; to help you become who you are destined to be. But for tonight, I'll let you nestle in close, breathe in your smell, etch these moments in my heart forever.

And let you be my baby a little while longer.

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