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Be Audrey Rose

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I went to see Dear Evan Hanson last week.

For those that know me will not be shocked to hear I was already crying 10 minutes in.

It starts out showing an awkward anxiety ridden teenager.

Pretty sure we can all relate.

We were that kid.

Have that kid.

Or still are that kid.

And if you think you weren't, you're lying to yourself.

That's the thing.

We all have something.

And we need to keep embracing our something instead of trying to hide it or fix it or pretend it's not there.

I admit I've spent time wondering if I can change my kids (sometimes.)

You know, not the obvious like make them keep their drawers semi- neat but can I get them to be (insert...more outgoing, more athletic, join an extra curricular activity, more confident.....)

We spend time agonizing and worrying are they fitting in, are they missing out, are they doing enough, are they doing too much.

I'm really trying to work on this and if I can try you can try too.

Or maybe you already do this and if so, you are one step ahead.

Your kid.

Is exactly who he/she is supposed to be.

And you were who you were supposed to be at that age too.

And here we now are...

parenting these great kids of ours

being who we are supposed to be.

We (I) have got to stop thinking my kid needs to be this persona of who we think they should be.

I have two high schoolers now (send daily prayers) and I know college is around the corner.

And I'm kind of already tired (and haven't even begun) of thinking what they need to do in order to stand out on their applications.

I know this is reality but reality sucks.

I wish colleges would accept my kid because he may struggle at Social Studies but can give you any sports statistic out there. He may never play soccer but loves all things Broadway and is creative as heck.

They are rule followers and adore their dog and can make an awesome homeamade fried


Be yourself and let's stop adapting to everyone else or what we think is expected of us.

It's growing old isn't it?

I was at the beach the other day.

(Yes. I know. I'm off on a tangent. Go with me will you?)

Toes in sand.

Ready to escape for a bit



Audrey stop.

Stop flicking the sand in my face.

Mom make Audrey go away.

Take her away.

Audrey Rose then has a meltdown.

I turn to look.

Audrey Rose is awful damn cute in her little tankini.

Am guessing she is no more than 2 yet big sisters are not wanting much to do with her as they are busy building a giant shopping complex out of sand.

One sister calling the shots.

The other ignoring her and concentrating on the giant moat that needs to be created around the mall.

I miss the age of little chubby thighs (thankfully I have my own to remind me that chubby thighs aren't really that cute)

I turn my face back to the sun

ready to get back to my escape when Audrey Rose starts to act up again.

This time she is throwing rocks at the shopping complex.

You're in for it now Audrey.

Time out it is.

In a little pink beach chair.

She puts on her sunglasses and I can tell Mom is in for it with this one.

Sass written all over.

But Audrey Rose is just being who she is meant to be.

Strong willed and full of energy.

I realize she is only two but that's not my point.

My point is if you are meant to be Audrey Rose than you be Audrey Rose.

If you are meant to be the moat builder than you be that moat builder.

Be you.

The world will adapt.

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