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Bass Fishing Tips: How to Catch Bass

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1. Spare Shredded Worms

At the point when your plastic worms get torn up, spare them. Bass jump at the chance to trap injured prey, so a beat-up worm is flawless to utilize, particularly in shallow water.

Anthony Gagliardi, 2006 FLW Tour Land O'Lakes Angler of the Year

2. Red Fools the Fish

In shallow cover — wood, stumps, clusters of grass — I get a kick out of the chance to utilize a spinner goad with a red or pink head, and a wrench snare with red snares. The red influences the fish to think the lure's harmed, and they'll nibble at it.

George Cochran, 2005 Wal-Mart FLW Tour Championship victor

3. Skirt Your Bait

When you cast, stop most of the way as opposed to finishing, like a check swing in baseball. This influences the bait to hit the surface of the water a couple of feet before your objective, so the draw skitters over the water. It's a decent method to get under docks and different structures.

Mike Iaconelli, 2004 CITGO Bassmaster Classic champion

4. Keep Your Hooks Sharp

I utilize a record to hone my snares each time I get a fish and before each trek. It takes 30 seconds. Bass have boney jaws, so a sharp snare is more well-suited to enter the fish.

Stamp Zona, host of ESPN Outdoors

5. Take a gander at Your Livewell Water

When you put a bass in the livewell, they're famous for spitting up what they were nourishing on. From that point you can tell what shading draw or sort of bait to toss whatever is left of the day.

Matt Herren, No. 2 positioned fisherman, 2006 Wal-Mart FLW Tour

6. Face the Wind

Forfeit some separation in your throws and fish with the breeze in your face. Bass dependably swim with the present, so it's better for them to discover your goad before they discover your pontoon. In addition, the commotion of water slapping your structure will divert from the spot you're angling, which is great.

Ish Monroe, champ of the 2006 Battle on the Border

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