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Challenge: Back to School 2021

Back to School (2021 Edition)

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T’was the night before school start,
In the year two thousand twenty one.
And just like 2020,
Looks like COVID will steal the fun

Cohort A, B, C, or D?
Class once this week and four days next.
Single file, far apart,
Can I be honest? I'm perplexed!

The little one's don't realize,
That a desk will be their best friend.
Six feet away from their peers,
From day one until the end.

Classes emptied with arrows,
No 'familiars' for kids to see.
Will these strict rules be enough?
We know that there's no guarantee.

Daily temperature readings,
Has your child left the country?
A lengthy checklist exists,
And honesty each day is key!

Along with their school supplies,
Are hand sanitizers and masks.
"Miss, can I take this thing off?"
The same question bound to be asked.

Will be no sports after school,
And no fun events through the year.
Extra curricular's gone,
Until this darn virus has cleared.

Mental health, so important.
Hand washing is so vital too.
When is it that Teachers teach?
Perhaps they're wondering that too!

Nothing's allowed to be shared,
No pencils and surely no hugs.
"Please do not touch that, Sweetie!"
(Hoarding her "World's Best Teacher" mug.)

Kids will be kids as they say,
And touching stuff is what they do!
How does one police fingers,
With merely a few simple cues?

We'll be thinking of Teachers,
And all the Students too, of course.
This year presents challenges,
And some strategies hard to endorse.

Custodians, Bus Drivers,
Receptionists, and Volunteers:
Coming together, separately
Battling individual fears.

But, as with anything life throws,
We will all surely make it through.
'Cause leading by example
Is what adults are made to do!

So as parents we should be,
As understanding as we can.
To both Teachers and Students,
And let's be patient with the plan!

A potential saving grace
Is that kids somehow find a way,
To make us laugh when things are tough,
Brightening up our darkest days.

Togetherness and learning,
And being as safe as we can be,
Are the only rules this year —
I hope for once we all agree!

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