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Attainable New Year Resolution Ideas for Moms

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It’s that time of year again. You know, where we make our list of unattainable New Year’s resolutions which consist of losing an unachievable amount of weight, preparing gourmet meals daily and saving tons of money. Keeping up with “standard” New Year’s resolutions such as these can be close to impossible, especially if you are a mom. With so much on your daily plate, the last thing you need is guilt of not making your goals for yet another year. You are amazing and deserve better! That’s why were came up with an Attainable Mom’s New Years Resolutions List ….so moms no longer feel defeated before we hit the springtime:

  • Fitness: Instead of the typical “I am going to go to the gym and work out 2-3 times per week” let’s just call it what it is, hard to find that time! Instead, set the goal to have 45 minutes of high activity play sessions with your children at least 3 times a week. It is good for both of you to get exercise, you will feel great afterwards and it is also great bonding time for the whole family!
  • Healthy Eating: Keeping a diet is really tough and in order to feel and see any benefit from your efforts, you have to make it a long-term lifestyle commitment. A complete diet overhaul is extremely difficult especially when you have kids to cook for and isn’t generally sustainable. That is why we created a simple 5-Tier Heathy You Pyramid Program. Start with the first step and once you have that successfully incorporated into your daily life, move up the list to incorporate the next step into your daily life and so on. Our 5-tier pyramid includes the following:
    1. Task 1: Drink water all day and allow for 1 cheat drink a day
    2. Task 2: Eat an apple for breakfast as your first food
    3. Task 3: Eat salad for lunch. Find different option ideas on Pinterest to mix it up
    4. Task 4: Eliminate late night snacking (aim to stop eating two hours before bed)
    5. Task 5: Try to eat 5 small meals/snacks versus 2-3 large ones

Attainable New Year Resolution Ideas for Moms - Lilladu Exchange


  • Lose Weight: Instead of focusing on what you weigh and setting unattainable weight goals, set a goal to not step on a scale for the whole year! Obsessing over weight fluctuation can cause major anxiety and frustration which could hinder your success. Also, muscle weighs more than fat so the number is not always an accurate representation of your health. Therefore, go with how you feel, trust your instincts, and if you are following the 5-tier pyramid program you will start feeling great right away!
  • Reward Day: Try the glass half full method when it comes to healthy eating. Instead of looking at each meal as a loss opportunity for yummy food, set a weekly reward day where you can eat those foods you love to reward your dedication the other 6 days. This will help you keep motivated and not feeling deprived.
  • Clean House: Setting a goal to maintain a clean home 100% of the time with kids is like saying you are going to stay dry in a rainstorm. Instead, set aside 10 minutes a day after you put the kids to bed when you can tidy the house. Get your kids involved by having a routine where they clean their room before they go to bed and make their beds in the morning. If you don’t get it all done in the 10 minutes, don’t’ fret, it can be done the next day.
  • Save Money: Set up a jar at home and make it a fun activity to have everyone collect change and deposit it here. This simple task is fun especially for your littles and you will be amazed at how much you can collect by the end of the year.
  • Spouse Date Night: Setting aside opportunities for quality time with your spouse is incredibly difficult when kids are in the mix. Its really important as a couple though to spend time alone without the kids. Therefore, set a goal to have at least one date night per month. If you set a schedule in advance, its easier to find a babysitter who can help you for months on end. Also, to help keep costs down, try switching off with another couple to have them watch your kids and then you do the same for them for their date night too, allowing each some quality time sans kids for less!

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