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Are you sure you know the best puppy prep tips being a new pet parent?

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Do you think you get distracted by the dainty paws, sad eyes and wagging tail of your new four-legged friend? It is a huge decision to welcome a new puppy in your family and apart from just being a decision, it is also a full-time commitment which needs planning ahead of time to let go of disappointment, frustration and regret for both you and your pet dog.

So, do you want to know about the few tips that can help you get ready as the new pet-mom or dad? Check out the things you should always bear in mind after becoming a pet parent.

#1: You require making additional purchases

You have to accept the fact that puppies require too many accessories and you will get them separately. The total costs of bearing a pet dog is $1475 on an average for small dogs to more than $2000 for bigger dogs. Hence, you have to ensure that the budget is planned before time. However, as an owner, you will find all crates, toys, treats, collars and everything else online or at your nearest pet store.

#2: Give them the food that they need

New pet dogs will love to chew new furniture but puppies can’t just live on furniture. They need food. There are few pets which are finicky at the beginning and later on they adjust to the surroundings. Hence, you have to be prepared for experimenting. In case you plan to alter the foods, you should do it gradually so that the puppy can adapt to the change. Make sure you feed them puppy food, that too in smaller bits.

#3: Make your home puppy-proof

Puppies are always curious and naughty and hence you have to make your home puppy-proof. Keep away every valuable and small item and remove electrical wires so that they don’t meet with any shocking experience. Few human foods like grapes, chocolates and onions can be poisonous for dogs and hence make sure you keep them away from these foods. You can also invest in baby gates to make sure your puppy doesn’t roam around in unknown areas.

#4: Instil good poop habits

When the puppy comes to your home, it doesn’t come in house-trained and hence you have to be sure about having the required cleaning supplies in your home. There are few dogs which can be trained sooner than other dogs which need to patience and consistence. Hence, make sure you take your puppy out and teach him all the potty training skills.

#5: Get insured

It is vital to get a good pet insurance policy from iselect compare pet insurance Australia as these showers you with an added advantage during times of illnesses and accidents. When it is a puppy, it makes more sense in covering him than an older dog. The younger puppies are more vulnerable to vet chambers than the older ones.

Hence, if you’re a new pet parent, you have to keep in mind the above mentioned points so that you can take good care of your furry friend.

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