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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

Are you smarter than a 1st-grader?

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Are you smarter than a first-grader?

The answer is yes. (Well, we hope.)

Yet, recently something happened that got me thinking about how right children have some things and just how wrong us adults have it.

My daughter came home from school a few weeks back with a worksheet in her folder. It was likely a Veteran’s Day activity. The paper was titled “My Hero,” with prompts for them to write an introduction, opinion, three reasons why, and a concluding opinion.

Now who do you think my daughter wrote down as her hero?

Her father or myself? Nope.

What about one of her grandparents? Nope.

A celebrity? Nope.

A Disney princess? Nah.

A notable, historical figure? No.

Who did she pick as her hero?



Now, I know your initial response is likely “awe, how cute,” and you probably aren’t thinking much beyond that. Yet, this worksheet and her responses got me thinking far beyond that.

How truly amazing it is to have a “friend” in your life for a hero. So many of us look beyond our family and immediate connections for someone to look up to and for personal inspiration, but with the clear lack of admirable “famous” people in the world lately, why not look a bit closer to home?

I think that if us adults began to view one another with more of an open mind and with more respect, we would unexpectedly find adoration for those close to us; where maybe there once was none.

I understand that you may think I am simplifying or under-qualifying “heroes,” but I respectfully disagree. While I undoubtedly and wholeheartedly agree that those who serve our country are the greatest and best heroes — who we literally owe our lives to — I simply also contend that you can find everyday heroes in your immediate vicinity if you just pause and take the time to appreciate those around you and what they have to offer.

Note: This is not the first time I have felt as though I am not smarter than my first grader.

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