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Challenge: Life Changes

An open letter to my mom on her 70th birthday

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When you are a little kid, you think of your mom as- just Mom. A completely different category than yourself. The person that takes you where you need to go, gives you what you need, yells at you for a messy room and makes you feel better when you’re sad, hurt or scared.

I distinctly remember the moment that this changed. I remember making the connection that you are actually a regular person like me. A girl, a friend, a sister and daughter. That you too go through things I go through, you feel the same things that I feel and you are not just “mom”.

You have felt left out by your friends, you get annoyed by your mom, you are a woman that feels the physical pressures of the world. And then once I became a mom too, this became even more mind boggling to me. As I struggled with all of the new-mom challenges, I would think to myself daily, whoa… my mom did this?

It wasn’t until I made this connection that I was able to fully grasp and appreciate the relationship we have.

Now, as I turn 39 and you turn 70 I feel like we’re in yet another one of those moments in life. A moment in time that we are in another phase of life together. We’re both adult women with children dealing with life and all it brings. This is where I can start to give you back the gifts that you have given me my whole life. I get to give you advice, talk you out of an anxiety attack, feel all the feels of life with you. I can laugh with you (not just at you), cry with you, experience life with you- both good and bad.

I often step back and look at my children wondering if they see me as just “mom” or as a person also— It gives me great comfort knowing that even if they don’t yet- they will one day.

So I take this opportunity, on your big birthday of 69+1 to give you a list. A list of life lessons that you have spent my whole life equipping me with that I am now going to give back to you.

  1. Take note of what makes you truly happy and feel your best- and do LOTS of whatever that is.
  2. Talk as nice to yourself as you do to everyone else. Even if know one else can hear it when you do.
  3. Don’t stop using your voice - as we all know you are very good at.
  4. Keep being the incredible role model, bonus mom and teacher to your grandchildren.
  5. And most importantly, don’t forget that age is just a number and that you get better with every year. So call it what you want. 70, 69+1, 35x2, or 5x14. I call it 70 years that were made better because of you!

Happy Birthday Mommy. Thank you for being you. We all love you so much.


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