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All Moms Are Working Moms--and No, That Isn't Up For Debate

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Alright guys, I'm feeling compelled over here.

Compelled to have a little chat with, seriously, anyone that will freakin' listen!

Lately, I have seen way too many disagreements/arguments/debates over a topic that REALLY (in my opinion) should not even be an issue.

So let's grab your drink of choice, cuddle up nice and snug, and get down to business.


You stay at home all day taking care of soul-sucking little humans that manage to destroy every last piece of sanity you have, but still manage to fill your heart with love until it overflows? Working mom.

You leave those same soul-sucking little humans every single day to go to an office and sit behind a computer all day, or are required to travel, or you spend all day in your car, driving from appointment to appointment? Working mom.

You don't leave your home to go to an office, but you have your own business or work for a company remotely? Working mom.

I cannot, literally CANNOT, stress this point enough that it doesn't matter if you stay at home or leave your home. If you are a mother, in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, you are a working mom.

It destroys me to see women getting into these heated debates over who has it easier. I hate seeing stay-at-home moms and moms that leave the home every day put into two different categories.


Why are we acting like one is on a higher scale than the other?

Because both are seriously freakin' hard.

My point is this.

It shouldn't be a debate. It shouldn't be something we argue about.

If anything, it should allow us the opportunity to SUPPORT each other, regardless of whether we stay-at-home or don't.

Neither scenario is easier--they are just different.

So please, can we just stop? Stop the comparison. Stop the drama. Stop the negativity.

Tell a stay-at-home mom that she's awesome. Tell a mom that leaves her kids to head to an office that she's awesome. We ALL just want to be told that we're awesome and doing the absolute best we can for our children and our families.

Because let's be honest. At the end of the day, we answer to the same boss.

Our kids.

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