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Challenge: WHO Are You?

All I see are the ways in which I must come off as a contradiction to you

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All I see is how I am messing up and making mistakes on cue, about every hour.

All I see is how disheveled I look and feel.

All I see are the ways in which I must come off as a contradiction to you; a flat-out hypocrite.

All I see is me being distracted — by my phone, my thoughts, my unrealistic anxieties, and my fear of outside judgment.

All I see is me wasting time instead of making the most of it.

All I see is my resemblance to King Kong when I yell at you all of the time, for simply acting your age.

All I see is how I neglect my spouse, because who has time for nurturing that relationship.

All I see is how I have let myself go — my appearance, some of my values, my intellect, and my appreciation for myself.

All I see are the numerous ways I need and want to improve as a woman, mother, wife, and generally as a person.


All you see is how hard I am trying, day in and day out.

All you see is my exhausted self, waking up each morning, putting in effort, spilled milk after spilled milk and poopy diaper after poopy diaper.

All you see is how pretty you think I am.

All you see is that I am still learning, just like you, and that makes you feel supported and happy to have a learning partner by your side.

All you see is me working hard to do something that I am proud of and that supports our family.

All you see is me enjoying getting lost in my passion for writing, even when it means I don’t play with you for twenty minutes (or an hour).

All you see is that sometimes I get frustrated, and it lets you know that it’s okay to have feelings and emotions, and to express them.

All you see is that I always say sorry when I screw up.

All you see is a mom and dad who laugh together, fight together, cry together, have fun together, and tease together; you see real-life love happening right before your eyes.

All you see are all the ways you want to be like me.

All you see is someone who doesn’t need much improvement, someone who couldn’t be much better than she already is.

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