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Challenge: Hair Dos and Don’ts

After three daughters I got this-the one thing that will save any girl from a bad hair day!!

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I have three lovely daughters and a house full of hairbrushes, ponytail holders,and curling irons! For awhile I used to wake up and turn a curling iron on like other people turned coffee pots on...the struggle was real!! I loved sleeping in, but I also loved to see my little cuties skip off to school looking like I'd actually brushed their hair, even the days when I hadn't! So never fear, I'm here to help you with the tips and tricks that I learned and introduce you to your new best friend -Mr Headband!

We have a ton of headbands ,and we love them for two reasons: they can make your hair worn down look instantly polished and use them for a super cute updo (that everyone will want and takes 5 seconds) and looks really classy ,too!!

If you're buying a headband,we suggest a pearl one! It just looks classy and looks good on everybody, who doesn't love pearls?! Brush hair straight or curly and just place the pearl headband around the top of the head. Boom!! You're ready to roll and looks polished!


The second is the headband updo!! I love this style on everybody, and it makes you looked instantly dressed up! You start with hair down,put headband on top of head, then roll bottom of hair into headband and tuck in. It literally takes 5 seconds and you don't even need a mirror!! Its our go- to when you wake up late,have just exercised or just don't feel like fixing your hair and still need to look fab!!


If you have daughters, from toddlers to teens ,having a cute headband is a lifesaver!!

So ,if you don't have a headband,go buy one and make your mornings and life much simpler!!It has saved us from being late many days and daddies they're super easy to use! You can buy one at any drugstore for about $3-$5 dollars!! And I'll warn all you mommies,you better buy two because you'll need one for yourself ,after you see how simple and easy this is you'll be wearing one ,too! Have fun, sleep late and look cute!!

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