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Activities To Accelerate Language Development

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Parents are the best teachers for any child. And if your child is having speech and language problem, you can be an excellent teacher and help a lot in improving these skills. If you are wondering what are the most effective ways for improving these skills, then you have landed at the right place. Here, I have discussed about some best speech therapy ideas. There are different ways to improve language and speech skills. However, if you are too concerned and worried, then you must visit the speech-language pathologist.

The first thing you can do is, introduce some easy and short words such as “ma”, “pa” and so on. Encourage your child to repeat these short words. Don't forget to clap your hands and appreciate your child's efforts whenever he tries to pronounce the words correctly. Later, when your child starts speaking other words, add one word to it. For instance, if your baby says, “doll”, you can say “little doll” or “baby doll”.

While communicating, always make sure that you speak each word slowly and clearly so that your baby can understand. It would be great if you make an eye contact and talk to him patiently. If your baby doesn't pronounce the word properly, repeat the words so that he can understand and grasp it.

Arrange playtime for your child as playing allows you to communicate with your kid. Ask your child what does he want to play and how will he play his favorite game. Join your child during his playtime and do whatever he asks for. He will try to give some instructions for playing a particular game and gradually his speech and language skills will improve. Another thing you can do is put your child's favorite toys out of his reach. And when he points out to a particular toy, you can speak the name of all toys and ask him if he wants that particular toy.

Reading is believed to be the most effective speech therapy activity. So read short stories and fairy tales to your little ones. It will not only enhance their speaking skills, but also contribute to building a strong vocabulary. You can read a story from a book which has attractive and colorful pictures.

A small and interesting communication during bathing, dressing up or feeding the baby can enhance his language skills. If you are feeding him, talk about what is he eating and is the food tasty or not. And if you are visiting a park, talk about where is he going and what all will he do after reaching the park. Your child will surely respond to such kind of simple questions!

Singing nursery rhymes and preschool songs play a vital role in enhancing the speech and language skills. The kid loves and enjoys rhyme, rhythm and repetition, and these three elements can boost their language development. When we recite a song clearly, the child can catch the word and learn how to pronounce it. Enjoy singing the song such as “Wheels on the bus” during a bus trip or enjoy some clapping games while singing rhymes such as Pat a cake or "Stella Ella Ola".

Speech therapists suggest that sipping liquids through a straw can help a lot in strengthening mouth muscles. So make some yummy shakes or liquid food items and let your child sip them using a straw.

All the above activities can help a lot in accelerating your child's language development. At the same time, don't miss to visit the speech therapist to deal with your child's speech delays.

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