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A sweet little reminder that my children love me through my failures

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Most days I feel like a complete failure at this mom gig.

I yell too much.

I spend more time cleaning than playing.

I don't let them eat cookies for dinner.

I make them put away their laundry.

I don't allow outdoor playtime until chores and homework are done.

I've heard "You're so mean!!" more than I've heard "You're the best mom, ever!!"

I'm the recipient of eye rolls and loud sighs more often than hugs and kisses.

Some days I wonder where it all went wrong? When I became so uncool to them?

Some days I feel like I'm not good enough.

And then they bring me a precious, homemade necklace that they've been in the front room secretly making for me, and I realize...I'm still important to them.

No matter what, I'll always be their mom.

Good, bad, and everything in between...they still love me anyway.

I can't help but wonder...what did we ever do to deserve the love of children?

A love so sweet, pure, and forgiving.

I may not think I'm good enough, but this sweet little necklace reminds me that I am.


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