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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

A single mother doesn’t have a shoulder to lean on during a global pandemic

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My heart goes out to her. To the single mother who is beyond debilitated.
To the single mother who has to juggle working and caring for a family during such trying times. To the single mother who is cooped up at home alone with her children during such trying times. To the single mother, no matter what she does; my heart goes out to her.
I know I have my husband to lean on when the day has just been too rough, but who does she have?
I know my husband will do the laundry while I rest for a few minutes, but if she doesn’t do it, it simply won’t get done.
I know I can sleep in some mornings while my husband takes the lead. She can’t.
I know that if I don’t want to cook dinner, my husband will take over.
Who takes over for her?
In a time like this when we’ve all found our spouses to lean on, what does the single mother do?
She pulls up her boot straps and powers through. She has no other choice.
During a time like this when I’m frightened of what may come next, I confide in my husband.
He holds my hand.
He assures me it’s going to be ok.
He protects me; he protects our family.
Who holds her hand?
Who tells her it’s going to be ok?
Who keeps her and her children safe?
Who does she lean on when she just can’t do it anymore? Who holds her during such a frightening time.
Who is there for the single mother that is struggling on her own in a world that is struggling in itself?
In a world that has come to a complete halt, where even if she had some sort of help before, it’s out of the question now.
Who is there for the single mother that cries alone in the bathroom, only to wipe away her tears and walk out with a forced smile on her face because she has to stay strong for her children. Who is there for the single mother who has been pushed so far beyond her limit? Who will carry this load with her? Who shares the burden with her?
I wish I had all the answers.
I wish I can help lighten her load.
I wish I can help in any way. All I can say is- she is a warrior. She is a real life super hero and work should not go unnoticed. She carries a load I know I wouldn’t be able to carry alone. You are seen mama, and you deserve to be praised. My heart aches for you.


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