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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

A Simple Soda & Quick Treats

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I got this, you got this! As I look back at the past couple of days, I realize that it is often in the simple things that we can find the good in our day. Some days are so crazy that its all we have. The past 48 hours have seen 2 sick visits to the pediatrician for Strep tests, antibiotics, Motrin, runny noses, and an overall cranky house! At times I felt like a taxi driver, at others a human tissue, and still at times a big ball of anxiety. When I think back and ask myself "what small moment got you through all of that?" The answer is simple. It was the moment at the McDonalds drive thru (after ordering the Happy Meals, of course) when I decided I needed a Coca-Cola. When I was younger and had a bad day, a big test to study for, or a paper to write I would have moments of being anxious and overwhelmed. My mom would always try to encourage me with a cold class of Coke and a snack, and for some reason it worked. So even now on those tough days when it feels like the calm will never come, a simple treat like a cold soda, can go a long way.

Yes, there are numerous studies out there about soda and how unhealthy it is. But, sometimes, it is not as much about preserving our physical health as it is about our mental health. Here is a list of 10 of my favorite quick treats for boosting my mental health on a hectic and overwhelming day!

  1. Cold glass of soda with ice cubes
  2. Fun flavored Seltzer water
  3. Handful of chocolate chips or any sugary or salty treat.
  4. Take 5-10 deep breaths
  5. Take a hot shower (even if the kids have to play the bathroom floor or in the next room).
  6. Go for a walk (strap the kids in a stroller with a snack and go together)
  7. Hit the drive-thru for a coffee or tea.
  8. Get outside and make a point to appreciate the warm sun or fresh air.
  9. Put on your favorite music playlist or station.
  10. Order takeout for lunch or dinner and give yourself a cooking break!

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