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A reminder for teachers: You can do it all

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Another school year is underway. The excitement is high, the shelves are organized, and the pencils are the perfect kind of sharp. Right now, in this moment, it feels really good to be a teacher. As you face this year with a renewed sense of passion and purpose, I want to give you a few reminders--from one teacher to another.

It's okay for this feeling to ebb and flow. You will not always feel this great about being a teacher. This job is hard. It is taxing. It is heavy.

I know you love what you do.

It's okay that there will be mornings when you don't want to go to school. You will find it hard to smile. You will be tired. You will wonder if the classroom is really your calling


I know you love what you do.

It's okay to feel like giving up. You are allowed to feel frustrated. Your best will not always be 100%. You are not alone on those days when you shut the door to your classroom and cry.

I know you love what you do.

I'm telling you this because I know the trap that waits for us this year. We are so often tricked into believing that if we ever feel less than enthusiastic about what we do then that means we are failing. That if we entertain doubt then we are betraying our passion.

That is just not true.

Teachers can be passionate AND hesitant.
Teachers can be enthusiastic AND say no.
Teachers can be risk-takers AND linger in their comfort zone.
Teachers can have high expectations AND give themselves grace.
Teachers can show up AND struggle to be present.
Teachers can love what they do AND question why they're doing it.

Because teachers can do it all.

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