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A Post Dedicated To All The Parents Who Are Totally Killing It

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I see you out there in the world. You’re just like me. You’re often harassed, rushed, and frazzled. You’re usually on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown. Some days you just don’t know if you can get it all done much less do it all over again the next day.

But you’re killing it.

If your kids are in school, you make sure they’re up, dressed, fed, packed, and ready to go. Maybe they get the bus, walk, or maybe you shuttle them to and from school. Either way, you probably dragged yourself our of bed this morning to make sure your kids were ready for the day — even if they’re supposed to do that all on their own by now.

Maybe you go off to work to make money. Maybe you work from home. Maybe you do other things during your day because there are indeed many things to be done. No matter where you go or what you do, I have no doubt you still think it’s not enough.

But you’re killing it.

You’re probably exhausted and maybe you didn’t sleep much last night. Maybe your toddler had a nightmare and didn’t want to sleep alone. Maybe your baby was especially fussy. Maybe your teenager was in a horrendous mood and you are totally over it.

You probably sacrifice much of your own peace to ensure your kids are happy. You probably watch silly movies, play endless games, and listen to constant chatter. Although you love your children to no end, you do wish you had just a minute alone.

But you’re killing it.

No matter how hard you try to please everyone or how many hugs you give, your children don’t always behave nicely. Maybe your child told you they hate you today. Maybe they didn’t even say goodbye to you when they left for school. Maybe you yelled at them a bit too loudly over something that you now regret.

You probably start every new day with the promise to yourself that you’ll be positive and amazing. You tell yourself you won’t lose your cool that you’ll be a calm and wise parent. But then there are the days when you’re met with sullen faces, tense silences, or dinner plates shoved away in disgust.

But you’re still killing it.

The laundry has been piling up for days. The kitchen stove is revolting and needs to be cleaned. There are more dishes again. You still have to figure out what’s for dinner and your kid spilled sticky juice all over the floor you just mopped.

Maybe you helped your child with homework today got into a fight with them because you were terrible at math in school and have no idea how to help them. Maybe you break into a cold sweat just thinking about math.

I know.

You swore you wouldn’t drink any beer or wine today but you do drink it as you start making dinner. You calculate how many more years of homework meltdowns are ahead.

But you’re still killing it.

If you’re married or have a partner you experience the difficulty of not having much privacy or time alone together. The kids seem to drain every last bit of your energy and you’re left talking about their behavior, play dates, and report cards instead of checking in with each others needs.

You probably need a vacation or just a long hot bath but the wheel of life, kids, school, and bills keeps spinning at a quick, steady and unrelenting pace.

But the fact that you’re trying to do all that you can do for your family in your own determined way just proves what I’ve been saying.

Despite all the messes, screw-ups, and fumbles, you bring everything together every single day. You’re the tie that binds your functioning family and you are the parent(s) who simply never stops doing.

Parents, you are so killing it out there.

*This is also dedicated to all of you amazing stepparents, grandparents, adoptive parents, foster parents, and anyone else helping to raise children in this world.

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