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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

A Positive Note

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​You hear so much about the negative aspects of bringing a new life into the world. The lack of sleep you will have, how you and your partner's relationship will be tested to the limits, changing diapers, feedings at all hours of the night, colic, no showers for days, cold food. The list goes on and on. I heard it all. I was terrified, nervous of taking my little girl home thinking I wouldn't be good enough for her. What I soon found out was how amazing it was to be Madelyn's mom. I finally had a sense of completeness I have never known. The first night home was a challenge, we had some feeding issues, which were quickly resolved and from there on out we have been blessed. It is possible for babies to sleep through the night. At 1 month, Madelyn was sleeping 7 hours straight through the night! She doesn't wake up screaming or crying. We made it through the colic months without much incident either. At one point we thought something is wrong with our baby, she is just so good. Every doctor visit has been confirmation of great health. We were so wrapped up in the negative things we had heard that we didn't think it was possible to have such an amazing baby. So remember mommies (and daddies too), it's not all bad. Stay positive. Enjoy every smile, giggle, and milestone that comes your way. For one day you'll wish you had. 

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