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A poem to my first born, before you start kindergarten

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To my first born, before you start kindergarten:

School bells are ringing

They’re calling your name

A brand new beginning, new chapter, new game.

It seems like yesterday

In my tummy you grew

And we rocked for months

In quiet, me and you.


Such a bubbly baby

I adored you so

You filled my heart

More than you’ll ever know.

I savored every first

First smile, First crawl

First “mama,” first food

First laugh and first fall.

Soon after you walked

And talked up a storm

Ran crazy all day

Yet at night we snugged warm.

Then preschool you started

The first day we both cried

Because it had been just me and you

But brave we both tried.

You blossomed, amazed me,

as I watched you thrive

Indepdenent and strong

still craving my high-five.

Because there’s something special we’ll forever share

A bond only a parent and child can bear.

I’m your number one fan

Your comfort and friend

Your shoulder to cry on

Now to the end.

Preschool’s been packed with dress up and dance

Singing and art and taking that chance.

Never surrender that Superhero within

Your beautifully steadfast, sincere glowing grin.

That magnetism you have-

It’s special and true

That curiosity, compassion

It’s what makes you you.

The next step is near

A new chapter is soon

Let us get ready

A new song, a new tune.

New school, new friends, new teachers and more

It’s all so exciting...

There’s so much in store.

So much to learn

So much to do

So much fun to be had

And challenges, too.

Some days will be great

Some not so much

Some kids will be nice

And others tough.

But no matter the day,

Be it good or bad

When happy and cheerful

Or fearful or sad

You’ll come home to me, my baby, my sweet

We’ll get through it together

Anything we’ll defeat.

Because you are a star

Brave, cool and witty

Thoughtful, likable,

outgoing and silly.

The baby I once had

Is ready to run

Exploring the world

And boy is that fun.

I want to protect you

From germs and from dirt

From running bear feet

Or ripping your shirt...

From falling

From hurting

From crying

And more

But the truth is, my dear

You’ll find your own roar.

You’ll find so much strength

As you grow year to year

You’ll seek empowerment

Instead of feel fear.


So roar my lion,

Roar loud and roar strong

I’m proud of you, lion

I’m proud of your song.

Sing, my sweet lion,

That song that is yours

Be kind, my sweet lion

Kindness opens all doors.

Grow, learn and shine

I will savor it all

I want you to be happy

Having fun, standing tall.

No matter your age

Your grade or your school

I’ll end every night

With the same ritual

Saying I love you

More than anything

That you make me proud

Then a song we will sing.

I’ll give you a kiss

And you’ll close your eyes

My baby you’ll be,

in a big kid’s disguise.

Sweet dreams, little love

Because school bells are ringing

They’re calling your name

A brand new beginning.


Your Mama

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