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A mother's prayer

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I pray for my kids;

that in spite of the ungodly amount of mistakes I am making in the rearing of them, they grow into gracious, kind, intelligent, faith-filled, common sense-using, socially-satisfied, and happy adults.

I pray for my husband;

that more than the weight of any self-imposed-but-perpetuated-by-me pressure he feels, he feels loved, appreciated, and valued -- by not just me and his kids, but my family, his family, his co-workers, friends and his community.

I pray for my dogs;

that they find it within themselves to not only forgive me for regularly ignoring them as I tend to their needier human siblings but that they continue to love me in spite of such.

I pray for my siblings;

that regardless of any physical or emotional distance ever between us, they trust I am always there for them.

I pray for my friends;

that they are happy in their lives and that, like me, they know that even though our struggles are different, the common desire we have to support one another isn't, and that will continue to bind us.

I pray for my dad in Heaven;

that he is at peace, finding joy in God's presence and in watching "his people" do life, not without him, but thanks to and in honor of him.

I pray for my mom;

that this life delivers to her everything she could ever want from it and that every single prayer of hers gets answered.

And, I unselfishly pray for me;

that I continue to count on God, receive His grace, and find within myself the strength that is required to continue to grow as a woman, wife, and mother.

For all these things, I pray.

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