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A Letter To My Adopted Teen

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Welp. It's official. He's a Romero.

I sat trembling in the court room as she announced he was ours. I had Ariel read him this letter I wrote, knowing I would cry if I did. Funny thing is, Ariel cried too.

Dear Son,

When daddy and I started our adoption journey my only prayer was that God would bring us the child He meant for us to have. I asked Him to make it abundantly clear to me, but began to feel very discouraged after reading many files, and not feeling like those children were meant to be a part of our family.

Until we saw yours.

You were older than the children we had been looking at. But something about you pulled me in. And on August 27, 2015, the day I received your full file, I sat on the floor in our room and wept. I was on page 7 and it was at that moment that God said, "THIS IS YOUR CHILD." It was so loud and clear that I couldn't ignore it even if I tried.

Daddy and I weren't prepared for a teen, but remember what I always tell you? Sometimes God calls us to step out of our comfort zones. And son, I am so, so glad He did that. Because for the past 454 days, you have shared our home and stolen our hearts. You are funny, kind, smart, brave, and worthy of all the love in this world. And boy do we love you.

I know adoption isn't all beauty. It's hard and it's sad and it all starts with a loss. It's dealing with heartbreak, anger, fear, and abandonment. It's a lifelong journey and not a destination, but son, it's a journey that you will never again have to face alone. It's a journey we will face together, no matter what may come up.

In closing, I have something for you that I hope you will carry in your wallet with you until you are old and gray. And on hard days, days where you don't feel like you are enough, I hope you pull it out and remember that you were wanted and that you are loved. God chose YOU. You've always been His child, and you are officially ours.




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