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A Letter for My Dearest Mother

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Dear Mom

When I was a child,I always didn't remember your birthday or mother's day, and I didn't give you any gift. But When I struggle to remember those two important days with the grow-up, I have been unable to accompany in your side. So what I can do is to write a letter to you, wish my dear mother a happy mother's day!


The last time we celebrate mother's day together was when I was senior high. Super bright sunshine that day, I use my pocket money bought a piece of jade jewelry for you, and you bought me a fine watch. Up to now, it has been three years. This beautiful watch accompanied me to attend the university entrance exam。

If it's not looking at that watch with faded bracelet lying on the bedside table, I really never realized it’s been three years already. Remember when returning marcel save coat last year, stylist looking at my skill and ask me to take it off for a while in case it gets wet.I smile, shaking head. Friends nearby said quickly, it was her mother who bought her, did not see her ever picked. You see her right hand wrist bracelet, also her mother’s gift, she is wearing those two things running around all day over the years. Stylist smiled, my heart warmed.

I just run around all day wearing these two things, and never run out mother's heart. How much we have much deep the heart is. Don't you tied me on your side, you said, to get started, jia jia is a girl, also can do it. You said, the child should exercise as a child, you should let go of hands and let her go out, out. Actually, you also know in my heart, I also like other one-child, also in mom and dad, and grew up around friends and family's favor.

I did not see too much of the world, didn't experience wind and rain, even need not worry about trifles in daily life. In regardless of my classmates oppositions, I choose to live this way. you said:”as long as jia jia is willing to, I will support her.” You never have dropped a tear in front of me, so I can walk very bravely. I thank my mother's love, thank you for using the courage to tell me, as your daughter, I can be braver.

I thought you do not miss me, but I’m terribly wrong. If you don't miss me, you won't wash all my dolls again and again in the every corner of the bedroom. If you don't miss me, you won’t be happier than me when I called to inform you that I bought return ticket.

Dear mom, when taking walk with my dad in the morning, do pay attention to the passing cars. Your safety is more important for me. Mom, there left eight months and ten days before I can go back. Mom, I love you. The feeling of missing is beautiful, really beautiful. Hope you all well with my best wishes.

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