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A Fun, Safe Halloween!

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Halloween can be an exciting, fun filled time for your little one! Costumes, candy, and trick or treating can make this a favorite holiday among children. The following tips below can help you and your little monster have a fun, safe, and healthy Halloween!

Pirate? Dragon? Pumpkin? One of the most exciting things about Halloween is deciding on a costume! Remember to help your child choose a costume that doesn’t cover her eyes, nose, or mouth, such as a beard or mask. A mask can obscure your child’s vision and also make it difficult to breathe. Non-toxic makeup is a great alternative if your child wants her face painted. Remember to put your child in comfortable shoes and make sure the costume is well-fitted to prevent any trips or falls.

Candy is a Sometimes Food. Remind your child that candy is a sometime food, which means it should only be eaten once in a while. (Anytime foods are foods that you can eat anytime and gives your child energy to play and grow). Teach your child about the value of moderation. Have him choose his favorite goodies and save some for later. Encourage him to be mindful of the amount of candy he eats and remind him to listen to body cues. If his tummy is hurting or is beginning to feel full, remind him to stop and save the treats for another time.

Don’t Trick-or-Treat on an Empty Stomach Before you go Trick-Or-Treating encourage your child to eat a healthy meal or snack. Try making a spooky strawberry and banana smoothie with low fat yogurt or a “boo-tiful” bowl of whole wheat pasta and veggies. If your child’s tummy is full, she is less likely to eat candy along the way or when she comes home.

Staying Together Always accompany your child while Trick-Or-Treating. Remind him to look both ways when crossing the street and for the littlest ones, always hold their hands. Limit trick-or-treating to familiar areas and homes of people you know. Help your child learn good manners by saying “Thank you” after receiving candy and treats each time!

Be Safe and Inspect the Treats. Remember to inspect your child’s treats for any opened candy, or anything suspicious. Be careful of any small candies or snacks that could be a choking hazard. Also, if your child has allergies, be sure to look at the packaging for any unknown or unfamiliar ingredients.

Offer Toys and Stickers. Instead of handing out candy to Trick-Or-Treaters, consider handing out age-appropriate toys or stickers for those visiting your home. Erasers, crayons, and small coloring books are all great options. Ensure that the toys are safe from choking hazards for young children.

Sort and Count. Turn Trick-Or Treating into a fun, everyday math moment. Sort the candy by color, type, or size. Then count how many you have of each kind! Which candy do you have the most? Which do you have the least?

Collect and Share. After Trick-Or Treating encourage your child to understand the value of sharing. Help her recognize that she could cheer someone up, such as a relative or friend by giving away some of her candy. You can also donate some candy to those at a local shelter or charity.

Brush, brush, brush. Finally, don’t forget to help your child brush his teeth before going to bed! After all the yummy treats, it is important to brush his teeth so that they are shiny and clean. Remember to use a pea size amount of toothpaste and brush in circles, round and round.

With these safe tips, you’re sure to have a “Spook-tacular” Halloween with your little ghoul or goblin!

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