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Challenge: Kids with Special Needs

A doctor said our son would be a waste: Here's what she didn't know

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A doctor looked straight at us and told us adopting our son would be a waste of our life.

Because of one extra chromosome, she thought she knew what our life would look like with a child with Down syndrome. But she didn’t know.

She didn’t know he would give the best baby kisses and snuggles.

She didn’t know he would be obsessed with the Justins’ (Timberlake and Bieber) and we would have epic family dance parties.

She didn't know his favorite foods would be RAW spinach leaves and broccoli florets.

She didn’t know he would memorize all the lines and scenes from Frozen and entertain us for hours signing and acting them out.


She didn’t know how he would sweetly kiss his sisters on the head and hold their hands when watching movies together.

She didn’t know he would do gymnastics and love the monkey bars and the rings.

She didn’t know each day he would climbs the steps up the bus to join his peers of All abilities at school to learn and play.

She didn’t know he has the opportunity to go to college, study, live with a roommate, maybe even have a girlfriend.

Maybe he will study art, theater, communication or even education.

She didn't know about the job opportunities. The possibilities. The impact he can have in a company.

She didn’t know that he would have access to systems and supports that allow him to have the CHOICE if he wants to live at home or independently as an adult.

She didn’t know that regardless of the accomplishments or milestones he reaches that the joy he brings to our lives and others every day would never be a waste.

She didn’t know.

Do you know?

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