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A Covid19 Warning from Your Appliances

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After a few weeks of doing our part to social distance and stay inside, the appliances are dazed and confused:

We’ve been talking and feel the time is long past due

For we, the appliances, to have a sit down with you

We don’t know what’s going on or how this came to be

But we are going to strike soon and it won’t be pretty

The dishwasher’s constant cycles are causing it strife.

He’s asking if the kids have heard of paper plates or rinsing a knife

He does not want to walk off the job completely

But without some changes it’s the only option he can foresee

The microwave made the suggestion of eating some fruit

It doesn’t need warming and is healthy to boot

He states that one more Hot Pocket may be the end

Of a really good relationship that he will be forced to suspend

The washer can’t comprehend why kids need so many clothes

When nothing is open and there is nowhere to go

He demands that clothes be worn twice at the very least

With the exception being underwear that is ( hopefully) one day a piece

The fridge is exhausted from cooling against all odds

With the door propped open by your ravenous squad

She has offered a tip to share with your crew

The food options don’t change with the length of your view

The hot water heater generally favors teen hygiene

But can’t keep up with long showers with no break in between

He insists that you are clean with five minutes and body wash

So rumors that it takes twenty minutes just need to be squashed

We let the pantry weigh in even though it’s technically a room

But, honestly, its beef was so legit we had to share its gloom

It seems no one appreciates the bounty on its shelves

But rather stand there asking what else is in it for themselves

Alas, we are in a pickle and need total cooperation

If we work together we can save this dire situation

For if even one of us breaks ranks and ceases production

A repairman may enter your home risking germ introduction

For the good of us all take some pity on your appliances

Because we are in charge and we have formed alliances

Stay safe and well and we will do what we can

Until the world goes back to normal and you can ignore us again

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