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A Better Parenting Partner Than I Could Have Dreamed Of

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I met my husband nearly 13 years ago (hard to believe!) and though I wouldn’t call it love at first sight, we knew pretty quickly we were going somewhere together. We had no idea that that somewhere would be all around the world, but we did know that wherever we went it would be together.

During the five years (yes, 5 LOOOOONG years) I waited to marry the love of my life, I would constantly tell people how we were going to make beautiful babies someday (part of the reason he made me wait so long, he didn’t want those beautiful babies too soon!) And I knew he would be a great daddy but I have to admit I’m surprised every day at how great he really is.

He cleans, he changes diapers, he watches the kids so I can work or go out, he does laundry, he builds blocks with them, he takes them bike riding, he teaches them life skills and respect, he chases them around and he showers them with hugs and kisses.


He’s not perfect, he’s put their pajamas on backwards, fed them goldfish for lunch and a kid or two has fallen off the bed on his watch (mine too, though!) but he always does his best and puts his children’s needs first and loves them with all he has.

Seven years ago our parenting journey hadn’t even started and on Father’s Day in 2008 we sat around waiting, wondering if our sweet little baby would make his/her appearance on Daddy's day (she waited almost a month more!). But from the moment she entered our lives and he tentatively (and with terror in his eyes) took our baby into his arms for the first time, he almost instantly relaxed into being a daddy.


He's grown, he's changed, he's learned and he's been amazing. He has shown more patience that I ever thought he'd have. He has shown more selflessness than I could have ever imagined. And the love that he worried about having enough of continues to grow each and every moment he spends with his kids. And with each new baby we welcome and each day that passes, he becomes a better, stronger and more loving daddy and I can't wait to see how he continues to grow as our babies and family grows.

He is everything I ever wanted in a father for my children and more than I could have ever asked for. He is the perfect partner on this amazing journey and I know with him by my side, this task of parenting three (soon to be four) children will never be more than I can handle. Because he will always have my back, he will always be by my side and he will always keep our family moving forward, even when I feel like we can't make it.

We're in this together and I don't know how I got so lucky to have such an amazing partner in this biggest of life's adventures!

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