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Challenge: My Dad Hero

A Better Father's Day Gift

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My husband gave me a massage for Mother's Day and I finally got it this week. I left the baby alone with him for the first time ever. I think it took me the first 55 minutes of my massage to relax.

You see, my husband had never changed a diaper when we had our girl. We are both the youngest in our families and although we have nine nieces and nephews, we are far from being described as kid people.

I thought we would have a terrible time adjusting to parenthood. We loved to go to the movies and out to eat. We've gone to Nashville on a whim more times than I can count and I can't even mention the word cruise without a little piece of my soul crying since we are years away from visiting the Caribbean again.

But, we were both pleasantly surprised. Motherhood came more natural than I ever thought it could. More so though, my husband hit this daddy thing out of the park.

Steven and baby

The dude knows how to dad. Not only has he changed his share of diapers but he switches dirty sheets, laughs in the face of spit up, and puts the baby to sleep like nobody's business.

I don't know why I was so surprised by this. He's been taking care of me for years. He has a servant's heart and has the best example in his own father. When I got home from my massage, the baby was bathed, changed, and asleep. Why was I nervous? He was fine. She was fine. I was fine. I married him for this exact role and reason.

Steven bath

Most times I take it on myself to meet every need of the baby. Nursing turns into burping turns into changing turns into bathing. Soon the day is over and all Dad can do is rock her to sleep.

I don’t want that for my daughter. I want her to have too many good memories with her Dad to choose from. I want every Father’s Day to be a celebration of their relationship together.

So, if I can think of a Father's Day gift for the busy do-it-all moms, it's this: Let him take over. Let him make memories, too.

Yes, he may leave the toys everywhere and forget to give the baby her medicine (I even set an alarm!) but he will pleasantly surprise you. Let's not get so busy mommin' that we forget to let them be dads.

So, happy Father's Day to our book reading, bath splashing, boo-boo kissing Dad. Here's to all the days until potty training and beyond.

'Cause it only gets easier, right?

(Yes, don’t worry, you’re getting a real gift, too.)

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