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8 Things to Do With Your Kids to Stay Active This Winter

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Once winter rolls around, a lot of moms I know complain about putting on a few extra pounds. They mainly contribute it to “hibernating” since it is so cold outside, and I used to be the same way.

They remain indoors, dormant, cuddling with their kiddos under blankets, playing video games, and taking in lots of movies. While the thought may sound comforting and blissful, you are not doing your kids (or yourself) any favors!

You can keep active during the cold weather by allowing the whole family to partake in some fun but heart-pumping activities. Read on to learn how you can stop the winter from holding you back!

Indoor Bowling

This is one of my favorites: you can turn one of your hallways into an action packed bowling alley!

Simply put a strip of tape on one end, and set up large, empty seltzer or juice containers on the other end to resemble a standing pin formation. You can use a soft, bouncy ball to roll, or even a basketball.

Split the family into two teams, or if it is only two of you playing, battle one another! You’re sure to burn calories while bending, tossing, and retrieving the ball and setting up the pins.

Plus, a little competition is fun too!

Mom and Tot Tabata

Tabata is a great form of exercise. And, it can be accommodated to fit your needs and the ages of your children.

There are also many Tabata apps that you can download (for free!) to time your workout. Each morning (or whenever anyone is getting a big stir crazy), set your Tabata timer. Then, show your kids how you can do certain heart pumping exercises until the timer goes off.

You can do all kinds of exercises that will not only get their heart working, but will improve their overall coordination as well. Consider doing jumping jacks, high knees, lunges, squats, and mountain climbers.

You can decide how long you want each circuit to last, and which exercises you want to try or repeat. Kids of all ages love to work out and mimic their mommies!

Freeze Dance

Who doesn’t love to dance? Dancing is not only fun, but it's great exercise too!

Plus, dancing teaches your children to be carefree and to keep a beat. One person can sit out a round and control the music. The other family members can dance away until the music stops.

Be sure to hold your pose! Switch spots and repeat often!

Treat Time

A wonderful indoor activity is cooking. Children seem to be completely captivated when watching their parents cook. Once I got my daughter off of baby food and onto solid food by using a baby food maker, she absolutely love being involved in the process.

It’s a great way to enhance their language and spend some quality time together. So set aside time each day to whip up an afternoon snack. The catch is it has to be a healthy snack!

Your child will learn not only how to prepare a treat, but you can discuss the value of being a healthy eater with them. Your waist line is sure to thank you, too!

Try a Trampoline Park

Many trampoline parks are popping up all over the U.S., and not just in major cities. If you are fortunate enough to have one nearby, be sure to take advantage of it!

Your children will absolutely love releasing their energy by bouncing. Said to burn hundreds of calories in a short amount of time, there is no reason why you can’t bounce around with them!

Join Your Local Health Club

There is health clubs located around any neighborhood. And, they probably offer indoor classes at an affordable rate.

You and your little one can take part in a mommy and me program, or you both can swim indoors.

Also, consider working out in its gym while your little one takes part in a supervised activity with other children their age. You can even sign up for tennis lessons or racquetball.

The options are endless when you have an indoor facility to unleash your energy during cold weather months!

Embrace the Cold

When all else fails, embrace the cold.

Bundle up, put the baby in a baby carrier, and take a nice long walk! If it's snowing outside, you can even include them when shoveling the driveway or sidewalks (a great way to burn energy and blast calories).

You all may even consider learning how to ski! Even a fun game of “catch me if you can” around a snowy yard beats sitting indoors veggin’ out! So bundle up and get moving!

Interactive Video Games

If you are going to play video games, at least make the games interactive.

Pick up something that you and your child can physically manipulate. There are also lots of great games and programs for parents; allowing them to work on their fitness by doing all kinds of plyometric moves.

Your children will also love trying the moves and will become as strong as you do each day as you do them.

The winter can really stink. But, you can make the best of it.

Try some of these fat burning, heart pumping exercises that will keep everyone in the family fit and entertained during the coldest and gloomiest of months!

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