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8 Reasons to Thank Dads

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As Father's Day is approaching, I wanted to give a big shout out to all the amazing dads out there. You are special men and our kids idolize you. Happy Father's Day Dads! There are countless reasons why you are awesome and here are just a few of them.

1. You Teach Life Skills
It is truly adorable how the kids love to copy everything that you do. Whether it's grilling up some burgers, mowing the lawn, or working on the Honey-do list, you are teaching great life skills. Those memories will help shape and mold them into responsible and self-sufficient adults!


2. You Make Everything an Adventure
Whether it be throwing kids in the air, hanging them upside down to search for trolls under the bridge, or making them ride in a toy dump truck, the kids always have fun... even if it does make mom a bit nervous.


3. You Love the Outdoors and Being Active
The kids are following your lead and gaining an appreciation for being active and outdoors themselves. You are helping to teach them that there is far more to life than the couch, the tv and a gaming console. You are setting them up to not only have a happy and healthy childhood, but a happy and healthy adulthood as well.


4. You Are Willing To Try New Things
Even if you have never painted nails or braided hair…you learn quickly and do it with a smile. You are the first man that our daughter loves and showing her how a man should treat her. You are the man that our son is striving to be like.


5. You Understand the Importance of Quality Time
Whatever the kids want to do, they can always count on you to join in on the fun! These little moments make the kids feel special and it is something that they will always remember. Daddy-Daughter days at the beach, Father-Son days at the ball-park, all mean more to them than you know.


6. You Understand the Importance of Naptime
Kids have seemingly endless amounts of energy. And often we struggle to keep up even for just a little bit. You will make sure that the kids get their energy out, so they get their much needed nap. Many times, you will collapse in a heap right next to them, and then we can get adorable pictures like this...


7. You Can Make Everyone Laugh
You teach the kids that it is OK to be silly. Whether it be crazy jokes, silly faces, fart sounds, or pretending to be a dinosaur while you chase them around the house... the kids can always count on you for a good laugh.


8. You Teach the Kids How to Be an Awesome Fan
You dress them for the part, teach them the finer art of face-paint, tell stories about players and teams from the past, and teach them how to conduct a proper tailgate party. The kids learn what it means to be a true fan and they are never at a loss of who to root for. When the kids start playing sports themselves, they are filled with pride when they are the ones that you are cheering for.


These are just a few of the reasons that you are awesome. Have a wonderful Father's Day to dads and stepdads deserve it!

Thanks to all the MomCo moms and Lavish Lark Photography for submitting pictures that were featured in this article. One more picture because it is too cute! At MomCo App, we help moms find their village, but dads need their village too. Love this! :)


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