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Challenge: Summer Fun

70+ Bordom Busters To Do With Your Kids This Summer

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Summer is HERE! We’ve created a list of ideas for you to beat summer boredom and have a fantastic summer! Here is a list of things you can do with your kids! From games, crafts, adventures, activities, trips, rainy day activities, outdoor activities we have you cover!

70+ Boredom Busters To Do With Kids this Summer!

  1. Nature walk
  2. Go to the pool
  3. Find some History where you live and explore it.
  4. Garden
  5. Check out a new playground
  6. Explore the zoo or a farm
  7. Check out a museum
  8. Water play
  9. Catch fireflies
  10. Watch the sunset
  11. Arts & crafts
  12. Go to the movies
  13. Tie Dye
  14. Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show
  15. Play hide & seek outside
  16. Go out to lunch
  17. Paint pottery
  18. Bake a cake
  19. Play a game of Red Light Green Light
  20. Go to the beach
  21. Build sand castles
  22. Go to a water park
  23. Check out a baseball game
  24. Take a road trip
  25. Get a neighborhood game together
  26. Ride bikes
  27. Draw on the sideways with sidewalk caulk
  28. Make your own play- doh
  29. Have a picnic
  30. Playdate with friends
  31. Make your own tent
  32. Pick flowers or berries
  33. Play outside
  34. Go on vacation
  35. Make your own pizza
  36. Have a party
  37. Make your own ice cream sundaes
  38. Play tag outside
  39. Read a book
  40. Go to the library
  41. Donate 3 toys no longer play with
  42. Write a play & put it on
  43. Visit the Firehouse or the police station
  44. Play a board game
  45. Send someone a homemade card or present
  46. Make mud pies
  47. Have a lemonade stand
  48. Camp out in the backyard
  49. Roast marshmallows & make S’mores
  50. Visit family
  51. Have a tea party
  52. Attend a festival
  53. Go hiking
  54. Have a water balloon fight
  55. Make a homemade water slide
  56. Create an outdoor obstacle course
  57. Blow bubbles
  58. Make your own mini golf course
  59. Have an outdoor movie night
  60. Go to a National Park
  61. Watch the fire works
  62. Go fishing
  63. Feed the ducks
  64. Have a scavenger hunt
  65. Play hop scotch
  66. Create a science experiment
  67. Go to an amusement park
  68. Create a family Olympics games
  69. Make something out of popsicle sticks
  70. Paint with vegetables
  71. Catch butterflies
  72. Run a local Family Fun Run together
  73. Take you child to the local hardware stores for the kids classes on Saturday mornings

What are some of your favorite things to do with your kids over the summer?

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