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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

7 Ways To Teach Your Child How To Be A Good Friend

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Most parents will say that the most important thing is their child's happiness. So what makes children happy? One of the top things that make both adults and children happy is having meaningful relationships. The happiest people spend time people they love including family, partners or friends. Spending quality time with loved ones fulfills two basic human needs: (1) the need for social connections with others of our kind, and (2) the need for personal growth which makes us feel fully alive. Children model their parents and learn from their parent's verbal and non-verbal communication. It is your job as a parent to teach your child how to react to situations and how to treat others.

Here are 7 ways we can teach our children to be a good friend

1. Avoid criticize, condemn or complain

2. Be a good listener, encourage others to talk about themselves

3. Make others feel important – and do it sincerely

4. Know when to use suggestions; Not direct orders

5. Be friendly, no matter how angry the other person may be

6. Praise others achievements

7. Be empathetic

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