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7 Tips You Need To Know To Achieve The Perfect Shave

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Today, men can look masculine by resorting to multiple styles. According to industry data, 20% of men continue to resort to shaving; 25% choose to leave a bit of beard; and 30% directly have a facial care routine.

It's not a secret for anyone: Shaving can be painful, uncomfortable, annoying; a necessary routine for thousands of men. Others, on the other hand, chose to leave a beard, but this alternative also requires periodic care. How to do it without suffering? We give you some "tips":

1. Your beard must be wet one of the keys to achieving a great shave flush without irritation or without cuts is that the beard is wet. Why? Facial hair absorbs up to 30% of its volume in water. And the hair full of water becomes weaker and, therefore, easier to cut. A good idea may be to take a shower before shaving, to ensure the necessary hydration. If you can not, wash your face thoroughly, for several minutes or just put warm water on a small towel and apply it to your face. Never use cold water or apply products to your face before wetting it.

2. Use a good shaving cream Look for a product that has a high concentration of lubricants, such as silicones and moisturizers. The best shaving creams create a smooth gel on the face. Less foam is better because it has less contact with the skin. A gel will cause the blade to slide, cutting more smoothly, with less friction and with less wear for the shaver.

3. The grandparents were right. A brush to apply the cream is the best ally the barbers use it and have a good argument: A brush to apply the shaving cream helps to lift the hair, so that the knife comes closer to the skin. Also, create a layer of lubricant with the shaving gel that helps avoid irritation. And, finally, it helps exfoliate if you do not have a brush, look for one that has a good balance between softness and resistance. Apply the cream using a brush with circular movements always ending up.

4. Use a good shaver or change the blades periodically it does not matter. If you have an electronic shaver or a manual, there are things that are common. For that reason you should always take care that the blades are in optimal condition to avoid damaging your skin. If you use manual shavers, depending on the hardness of your beard, change them between every 5 and 8 shaves. Always, before starting to cut the hair, make sure they are in good condition, that they are sharp and have no nicks in the metal. Also, if you want to extend the life of your shaver, always wash it after using it and dry it by shaking it. Never, but never use a towel. Then simply keep it away from dust, sun and moisture. If you opted for an electric shaver, remember to wash it and remove the moisture after each use.

5. It does not matter how to shave. The experts in shaving agree that the best way to carry out this ritual is to shave in the direction in which the hair grows. Always start at the sides, then worry about the mustache and, only at the end, move along the chin. The "pear" has the toughest beard and, therefore, if you leave it for later, you ensure that it absorbs an optimal amount of water and moistens longer with the cream. If, on the other hand, you are one of those who prefer to shave against the sense of hair growth, you can effectively get a flusher cut. However, you run the risk of cutting yourself more easily, or even pull the hair and end with a space without growth. Always let these devices do the work. Do not press too much. If you followed the steps we gave you, that is, you dipped well, you used a good cream with a brush and your shaver is in optimal conditions, a simple pass should suffice.

6. If you like even more flush there are people who do not settle for a normal shave. They want the hair not to look or feel. For this reason, a good option is to review areas in the same shave. If you are going to do it - knowing that you run the risk of irritating your skin - remember that you must re-apply cream and let it settle before passing the shaver.

7. The shaving does not end when the hair is gone after shaving, the man's skin becomes very vulnerable. Therefore, it is time to rinse it very carefully and apply a cleansing gel that has some antiseptic ingredient and that is astringent, to help close the pores traumatized by the shaving process. When finished, rinse again with very cold water and pat dry with a soft towel. Do not rub your towel! It only gives soft touches to dry.

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