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7 Secrets to Stylish Yet Kid-Friendly Home Interior Design

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A lot of homeowners think that while interior designs featured on magazines, television, and Pinterest may be drop-dead gorgeous, it's not practical especially if you have a growing family and small children around. How can you display that beautiful carpet you bought without worrying one of your kids might spill their drinks on it? Or how can you show off that vintage treasure you've recently snagged on an auction if your living space is basically a children's playground?

But what if the thought of having a stylish yet kid-friendly space is entirely possible? We'll be discussing several tips on how to nail your decorative approach even if the kids are playing wildly at home.

1. Invest in Durable Sofas

Sofas, in particular, are used day in and day out and are prone to wear and tear. That's why investing in upholstery, particularly in a good design and construction, is essential.

A well-made sofa means that the seat cushions should not break down and can hold their shape for years to come. Technically, it should withstand all your little ones' actions, from jumps and somersaults to wrestling matches. It should also have a sturdy wood frame that's kiln-dried to add to its durability. Finally, choosing the right fabric is key. Make sure to select the ones that are easily washable and low maintenance.

2. Choose Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are not just environmental-friendly but are also naturally stain-resistant. To spice things up in your living space, add something with a pattern. Not only they're aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve the double purpose of catching dirt, lint, and stains. However, try to avoid food and drinks with a red dye such as Gatorade because even professional cleaners have trouble removing these types of stains.

3. Be Smart with Storage

Do you know the secret of making your space look chic and glamorous? Keep it clean. You can do so by establishing certain zones in your home where your kids' things are kept.

A smart move is to invest in quality storage. Storage baskets, storage ottomans, and storage built-ins keep a double function ‒ it maintains the style and elegance in your home and, at the same time, serves as a secret storage space for your kids' stuff. Toys, books, shoes, and anything kid-related are stored in an easily-accessible location for your little ones without compromising the entire design of the whole room.

4. Try Mounting your Television

That shiny, expensive television will always attract your youngsters' tiny, sticky fingers. To avoid the constant clean-up, try mounting it up to the wall so that it's out of reach. It also applies to other valuable possessions that can easily break. Storing it up high will ensure accidents don't happen.

5. Keep Edges Smooth

Furniture with sharp, rounded edges will cause lots of tears over time. So instead, pick furniture and other accessories that have rounded edges ‒ circular coffee tables, and side tables. Circular and rounded furniture doesn’t only add an elegant geometric element that gives off depth and style but also keeps your little ones from hitting themselves on various sharp corners. So consider this before planning to buy another dining and coffee table.

For example, choose a stylish upholstered coffee-table ottoman instead so that kids can play around them without the sharp edges. Not only that, ottomans can be a fantastic footrest and, at the same, time provides additional seating.

6. Make use of slipcovers

Almost everyone enjoys a pristine all-white look that white-washed furniture, chic white sofa, and bright, airy walls provide. But the moment play-doh, crayons, and dirt enter the picture, things can get pretty messy fast. So, removable slip-covers are life-savers.

Slipcovers can be available in different forms and shades and can be put around living and dining room chairs and sofas. Since they're easy to remove and wash, it gives you the peace of mind that you need from the inevitable wear and tears.

7. Find more inspiration for your home

The best way to achieve a chic and stylish home with kids in mind is to always search for new ideas. Read your favorite interior design blogs, look through magazines, and search it online on Google or Pinterest.

If you want to become an expert in interior design, there are online schools that offer interior design course. It includes basic to advance lessons and surely you can get the exact results that you want.

In Summary

You might think that the words "chic" and "kid-friendly" might not mesh well together. By following these tips to a stylish yet kid-friendly interior design in your home, achieving a beautiful space for you and your kids is very much possible.

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