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7 Interior Lighting Design Ideas for the Trendy Family

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Interior lighting design is one of those things that is usually disregarded when designing homes. And unless an architect or an interior designer is involved, doing a lighting plan is unconsidered most of the time.

However, did you know that the home’s atmosphere can be manipulated just by how lights are positioned? And no matter how cliche as it may sound, good lighting is actually everything. Lighting design differs from one room to another. Meaning, the type of lights you use to your living room, will not give the same effect in your bedroom. Hence, to have a lighting plan while designing your dream home is also crucial.

As technology keeps on changing, so as the types of lights available in the market. Gone are the days that massive chandeliers are the only option to make the living room stand out. This article introduces 7 of the home lighting design ideas that are making its way to stardom this 2018. Read on find out.


1. LED Lighting

LED (light-emitting diode) lights have a lifespan and are also more electrical efficient compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights. Due to this feature, consumers are getting more and more interested in using this type of lighting.

Contrary to what you know about wattage, lumen is the right measurement of brightness provided by a light bulb. Example, an incandescent light with 150W compared to an LED light with 25-28W produces the same amount of lumens - 2600 lm. Meaning, an incandescent light draws up to five times as many watts for the same number of lumens. That’s how efficient LED lights are.

Many would say that the upfront cost for LED lighting tend to be higher, but the savings you will get over the years will work that out.

2. Tripod Floor Lamps

Tripod floor lamps are very versatile to add aesthetic design in a room. They could easily fill in those extra tiny and awkward spaces. This kind of indoor lighting offers a wide array of designs and styles to choose from which tailor-fits your need. Whether you’re looking for accent lights to set up the mood or to brighten up a reading corner; you will surely find the type of tripod lamp you’re looking for.

3. Mid-Century Modern

If you wish to accentuate the look of a certain room at home, then this type of light trend is the best choice. Lights that have a mid-century modern style are unique and edgy. They can easily make a statement even placed across the room without making it looked like it’s overly done.

4. Industrial Style

Industrial style lighting is doing a more refined comeback. The rustic finishes and the neutral colors for these lights are long gone. The industrial lights you will find these days have sleeker designs. Which could be the best finishing touch to add a unique twist to an area.

5. Gold and Copper

Using lights with gold and copper finishes serve as an illuminating element in a design for two reasons: it is perfect for rooms where lights are the focus because its colour is easily noticeable. Secondly, the warm colour matches many popular interior finishes such as wood or just a plain white wall.

6. Starburst Chandelier

Starburst chandelier is also known as Sputnik chandelier due to its unique shape and pattern. It is a great addition to any home and is considered to be a conversation starter. This type of chandelier works best in large rooms such as the dining area as it demands attention to the eye.

7. Vintage Art Deco Lamps

Vintage design is classic and will always be a timeless piece. Lamps that acquire a vintage style adds a warming atmosphere to any room. The lamp already creates a statement on its own.

Follow your instinct

Being given with several suggestions could really be overwhelming sometimes. But keep in mind that the person with the last say will always be you. Not your architect, nor your interior designer. So do what you think will work best and follow your instinct as to which ideas should be followed and which should be taken as an alternative plan. Lastly, don’t be afraid to try something different.

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